Monday, August 15, 2005

When you've outlived your usefulness and retirement is out of the question, the answer is a change in careers. I'm tired of nostalgia. The past can be an enthralling place, but it's also the baggage claim gate of the universe. Peace of mind in middle age is payment enough for all the fun we've had. That and being alive are the big ones.
Aside from that, a little profit would be nice.

The myth that maturity brings wisdom is pretty much false. While it might be true that everyone age 45 has been 20 but no one age 20 has ever been 45, the extra 25 years doesn't necessarily give added discernment. There's a good probability that it only means 25 more years of wrong-headed thinking. Mae West, when in her 80's, quipped that she'd just as soon be married to a 20 year old man over an 80 year old. After all, 20 goes into 80 a lot more than 80 into 80. Simple math is always easiest to understand.
Contrary to my web persona, I am not overly concerned with making a profit. If I was, I wouldn't have 6 kids. My major impetus is to break even and be a competent individual. The rest, as they say, is rock and roll.
Over the years, I've thought a lot about what should have been or what could have been. I've come to one consistent conclusion. All that stuff is/are non existent facts. Pinin' for what never was is a lot of wasted time. Not that where you're at is necessarily any better, but at least it's for real. Of course, it's never nostalgia if you never stopped, is it?
We promise nothing, yet produce prolific results. Of course, people have to be ready for what they get or it means nothing. Some folks have compared our work to Rimbaud and Appollonaire. Personally, I see us more like The Bowery Boys meeting The Merry Pranksters.


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