Friday, August 19, 2005

I love where I live. If I didn't, I woulda moved during Nixon or Reagan's administrations, years that have proven far more delirious and detrimental to our democracy than the last eight have been. Clinton was obvious; we knew what we were getting into. With Nixon, democracy was regularly raped and left in the cold. Under Reagan, we got kicked when we bent over. If I took this any farther, I'd have to cry over it. I briefly entertained the idea of living in Russia, but it's mighty cold and I hear the cable is lousy. Besides, they speak a different language.

There's a lot of fools trying to make this election thing into some kinda holy war. I have lost interest in the political process; it shows itself to be an ugly waste of time and resources. Yet, every four years, the beast gets a rise out of me, like my enthusiasm for football right before the Super Bowl. Short-lived, intense and gone, unlike Hunter S. Thompson, who finds being a political junkie "better than sex".

The recent "election crisis" is a neat piece of mythology. Did it serve a purpose? You betcha. It got people really interested in the political process. Now they feel either cheated or vindicated, depending on which side they favored. As for the electoral system, read the Federalist Papers, especially #10. Madison and his buddies were smart guys. Their system has always worked too, except for that unconstitutional blip called the Civil War. I don't hear anyone lamenting the fact that Lincoln stifled the rights of the Confederacy. Do you?

Contrary to the tone of my previous remarks, I am not all that fond of Democrats. I see a lot of trash blowing in the breeze and the Supreme Court deciding the electoral college is just one more scrap. I never figgered them to hear the case, though their ruling was a good way to avoid making a direct decision. Nader was right to call this a corporate election, sorta like Budweiser sponsoring rock and roll or Winston sponsoring NASCAR. This will be a year written about for the rest of the century.

How about that election? I'm in the process of translating the whole vicious mess into language CNN would use if this happened to some third world settlement. I'm thinking headlines like "New leader usurps will of majority aided by strong-arm brother who governs an outlying province. Father's cronies from ousted regime plot coup." Or, how about, " Leader of rural hill folk fails in attempt to maintain power base. Government left in hands of oil cartel oligarchs."

Times being what they are, you're better off staying home and surfing the web. It's a wild and dangerous world out there and unless you have cojones of brass, it's best to stay inside. Life is no longer a participatory thing. It's more of a spectator sport.


Blogger Nitsa said...

Leo, I love these images. They remind me of a dream about different times and far away places.

3:25 PM  

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