Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Being a key player in the legend has certain responsibilities, and being in photos with cigars and funny shades is one of them. Pictures of us drinking likker or schmoozing with scantily clad tarts? That kinda stuff would get the counter up to 200-300 hits a day.

I don't know that we have ever been categorized as wacky. Irreverent, maybe. Iconoclastic or erudite, probably. Bipolar, possibly. But never wacky. That smacks of Soupy Sales or Milton Berle. How about calling us 'biting comedic sages from a world gone wrong?'

I'm watching highlights of the winter Olympiad recently and all I can think of is being a kid and sliding down the hills on a piece of refrigerator box cardboard. Now that should be an Olympic sport. None of this luge nonsense.


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