Saturday, August 20, 2005

As the years progress, I get the feeling I've become some sort of hybrid. A combination of Dorian Gray and Zelig. I can't turn around without seeing myself and I never seem to get any older. Is this what I have to look forward to? It all seems so clear. Like Bill Murray, in "Groundhog Day", history has become a rerun. Why is it that I can suddenly recollect the future?

Didja know the pool where JFK cavorted with MM was filled in by Nixon? Now it's the room where the Prez does press conferences. Somehow very fitting. We're lucky we never made it in Hollywood. Sure, we might have been famous, but at what cost? We'd have met more girls than Sinatra, but you and I both know what kinda trouble that would have led to.

We're fairly literate, relatively witty and obnoxious to boot. Our website gets about 125 hits a week. Maybe not huge numbers, but folks keep coming back. Posting pictures and making inane commentary may be fun to look at, but it gets old when you are the creator. We need to try something new.

The trick is, you see, either don't do subversive stuff or else do it all out in the open. That way there's no surprises.

Maybe what I need to do is start writing some free verse. You know, a stream-of-consciousness thing that speaks of epiphanies yet to be seen. You wail and wait, hoping the whole glorious mess will come SCREEEEEEAMING to a halt with nothing in tow but the bleary memory of something that makes no sense: "Lock him up and don't tell him where he is because if he knew, if he only knew... Yet there is no tomb big enough to contain him."


Anonymous BrossanovA said...

Hey. I like the halo effect a lot. Was it made with a lighter and some patience? I like old photos. They have something special.
By the way, you can write me in english ;) I'm still learning, but I understand it perfectly.

12:47 AM  

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